Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MTB owned and once owned:


This is a Proton T-Bolt 16" my first MTB. It was designed by our local company Proton based on an Australian MTB design, the EPX TerraShark (picture on right). The main difference between the T-Bolt and the Terrashark is the Swing Arm (the parts holding the rear wheel in place). The T-Bolt uses an alloy Swing Arm where as the TerraShark uses a carbon fiber Swing Arm, a lighter material. Later I sold the bike to my younger brother Mat Don. Farewell comrad..


After upgrading my T-Bolt parts, I was left with quite a number of MTB parts. What to do. The next obvious thing, built a new MTB. First I need to find a nice and cheap MTB frame. Thinking of building a hard tail for my wife. After some searching done with fellow mountain biker, I've got an offer from BC Kelolo. A 14" hard tail frame. Perfect for my wife. It is a Taiwan made frame called Merita, not Merida. Now my eldest son is using it.

The first thing I planned was to give it a new paint job. Presto, a Giant 14" XT-Pu with all the parts from my T-Bolt except the front fork. Managed to get a second hand 80mm Suntour XCM from a friend for RM50. Quite cheap. Total cost, priceless.


The third MTB I built was an orange 18" Proton T-Bolt. Intended for my younger brother but after trying it out, the frame was too big for him. He is better of with a 16" frame. Then I sold it to a guy in Cheras. Another comrad's gone. The end.


...... Now this is my ride nowadays. It is a Merida AM 400-D, not Merita aaa.... A Technoforming System” (TFS) aluminium frame by Merida. Specially designed for all mountain discipline in MTB sports. My pride and joy. The rear suspension is supported by the SR Suntour Epicon LOD with a 5" travel and the front, a Spinner Eagle RL with a 120mm travel.


While I was window shopping at a bicycle store in Sg. Sekamat, I saw this old greesy bicycle frame in one coner of the shop. I asked the shopkeeper if the frame is for sale. He gave me a good price for the frame, seatpost and saddle. Bought it and now the Specialized S-Works M5 is my new comrad in XC.

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